Further Defining New Years Resolutions

I don’t live in Washington DC, but I live close enough that I can almost legitimately claim The Washington Post as my local newspaper.  This morning I was scanning through their web page and came across the Voraciously site.  It seems Voraciously is a professional blog site at The Washington Post that focuses on food and food-related topics.

Their December, 30, 2019 post describes in detail five not-so-much resolutions, but commitments to alter their food habits for a month.  Personally, I believe going for the full resolution would have been better, but I really like the thinking behind each commitment.  Rather than going to the generic “eat better,” or “lose some weight,” all five members of the Voraciously staff have committed to change their habits, with an eye towards better eating habits. 

As you read through the post, the authors identify areas in which they believe they could eat better.  Each then goes through some justification as to why that is, but then commits to change the behavior for a month.  Will any of these result in weight loss? Better sleep? Boundless energy?  Reduced costs? I suppose we will find out through the next 30 days.  In any case, it should be fun to follow along.  You can find out how things are going either using the above link, by following them on Instagram (@eatvoraciously), or by following the #eatvoraciously hashtag.

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