The Starting

Over the past year or so, I have come across some diabetes truths that are not necessarily new, but I think I have a unique way of describing them, and I want to share these outlooks with the greater community.   

Hi! How are you?  Come in, please sit down.  Welcome to the Next Wave T2D blog.  I knew at some point, this was going to happen.  I am relatively new to the world of diabetes, and I knew that at some time I would wind up blogging about it.  The launch of this blog was based on the tension between two forces in my life:

Since my diagnosis, I have developed a fairly conservative philosophy on how I approach diabetes; watch and listen, when asked – answer truthfully, stay positive, and cultivate any unique outlooks I stumble upon.  This philosophy is balanced against my general nature to seek out as much information about topics that interest me, and believe me, if diabetes can take away my eyesight, or feet, or kidneys, I am very interested!  So as I “drink from the fire hose of knowledge” that is the diabetes online community, I usually come across something that peaks my interest.

When I find one of these articles/blog posts/Facebook pages/Twitter links/Instagram hashtags, my philosophical side kicks in: watch and learn, see if anyone else has written about this to validate my position or explain it in a different way to persuade me from my view.  Stay positive – don’t let the cure/reversal/remission folks or the cinnamon hucksters get you down.  So every once in awhile, something sticks, and my inquisitive nature exceeds my philosophical mindset. It is precisely at this point that my brain starts screaming, “I wish I had a blog so that I could work through this, somebody needs to know what is going on here.”

For instance, last December, a paper was released from the JAMA/Internal Medicine about Type 2 Diabetics and the frequency at which they use test strips.  The premise of the paper was that Type 2 Diabetics use too many test strips, and how doctors could further restrict their patients use of the test strips.  Based on repeated internet searches (and maybe that is my flaw), I could not find any discussion about this paper.  I think the conclusions reached were not in the best interest of Type 2 Diabetics (and this is probably why I am writing a blog and not publishing in the JAMA/Internal Med Journal) and it keeps pushing through. I don’t have a medical background, but I have first hand knowledge of test strip practicality.  So you will probably see a post about this sometime soon.

There are two other influences I should mention here on our first time together:  First, another driver for writing a blog, just in general, is that there must be enough to write about at least 2-3 times per week.  If the blog posts here only happened when I came across an article that I had strong feelings about, it would happen at best monthly.  

To that end I have noticed (and I think others have noticed too) that although Type 2 Diabetics vastly outnumber Type 1 Diabetics in real life, it seems to me that the opposite is true in the diabetes online community.  So this blog will be from a Type 2 perspective.  To be clear, this is not an anti-Type 1 perspective, it is only a different starting point.  I am also happy with the Type 2’s out there already making a difference online, but I think we need more voices in the chorus, if you know what I mean.  

Lastly, remember back in paragraph two when I was talking about “cultivate unique outlooks that I stumble upon”?  Over the past year or so, I have come across some diabetes truths that are not necessarily new, but I think I have a unique way of describing them, and I want to share these outlooks with the greater community.   

So thanks again for coming by, let’s start a great conversation.

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